Letters from our members
These stories explain why we love what we do

Dear American Swim Academy,
Everyday we are thankful our daughter is enrolled at the American Swim Academy. We started lessons when she was just 7 months old. From a very young age we could tell our daughter was an adventurous spirit. With a pool in our backyard, it seemed only natural to start water appreciation as soon as possible.

One day, shortly after my daughter learned to walk, we were playing in the living room. I left the room for a moment and my daughter figured out how to open the sliding glass door. When I did not hear her scurrying around, I immediately began to panic. My stomach sunk when I saw the sliding glass door ajar. As I approached the pool, I could only see the reverberating ripples of the water representing an object that had just fallen into the water. As my broken heart suspected, my daughter was in the pool. Instinctively I jumped in, hoisting her over the edge of the pool to the safety of land.

Once I had a moment to reflect, I realized my daughter was doing everything she learned at American Swim Academy. Her head was above the water, her little feet were kicking, guiding her to the pool's edge, knowing she could then hold on and try to pull herself out.

Our family is moving past this awful experience. The instructors at American Swim Academy are assisting with the process by identifying new fears our daughter has developed due to this situation. Their dedication to helping us prevent water trauma is just as valuable as their initial instruction 10 months ago.

I do not want to think what the result would have been without American Swim Academy. Thank you so much.
Fremont, CA

Dear Dana,
We want to thank you and the American Swim Academy (ASA) for teaching our son how to swim. Our son is seven years old and has Autism. He did not like the water at all before we joined your Adaptive Swim Class and now he loves the water!

In January, 2008, we saw a posting on a local Yahoo Autism Social Network, advertising ASA's Adaptive Swim Class. At the time, our son was resistant to getting into the water. We think he was bothered by the feeling of wet clothes, chilly pools and sensitive to water being in his ears, eyes and nose.

With a few modifications such as your pool set at 92 degrees, a no-pressure environment, parent involvement and a fabulous instructor, he is now a happy little fish!

In prior years, my husband and I scheduled vacations in hot, tropical places. My husband would, with great effort, try to coax our son into the water. We would eventually end up spending most of our vacation in the hotel's arcade or in the hotel room playing video games!

Things have changed since the beginning of the year. This summer, we've attended two swim parties (and had fun!), one swim date and five days at a beautiful resort in Florida where our son actually swam a lotů both with us and on his own! His new skill has opened up a new world for all of us!!

We are proud to say that our son has graduated from your Adaptive Swim Class and is now enrolled in the Beginner 3 class.

Another door has opened for us and tomorrow looks brighter. Thank you so much!!
Russ, Julie and Kevin