Our Beginner program develops water comfort and confidence to help our swimmers achieve swimming and safety goals.

All beginner swim lessons feature a strong emphasis on comfort, confidence and independence to move through the water. Each of our six levels builds upon the previous to develop a strong foundation needed to learn Freestyle. If you are unsure about which level your child should begin with, we will be happy to evaluate your child’s swim history and make a recommendation.

  • 2:1 swimmer to instructor ratio
  • Classes emphasize form and technique
  • Positive and encouraging instruction to keep swimmers motivated
  • Six skill levels that progress with the swimmer’s ability
    • Beginner 1 – Beginner 4 Levels (B1-B4): Develop underwater comfort, floats, kicks and arm strokes to create coordinated movement through the water. Swimmers are taught to roll over to their backs to breathe and rest.
    • Breather 1 and Breather 2 Levels (BR1-BR2) focus on developing side breathing techniques and drills to swim 12.5 yards of beginner freestyle.

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"Lauren went from being absolutely terrified on her first lesson to putting her face in the water by the end of the second. I was amazed at how quickly her teacher was able to turn Lauren’s fear into a love of the water.”
Courtney B.