All ASA locations are open 7 days a week.

Sunday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 8:30 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

You can visit the location pages for class pricing. A non-refundable Convenience Fee ($0 charge for Virtual Checks) 2% for Debit cards, 3% for Credit Cards. There is an annual membership fee of $50.00 per swimmer.

Weekly classes are 30-minutes long. Swimmers can opt to enroll in multiple classes per week.

Yes. Our year-round indoor swim program runs on a continuous quarterly calendar, winter, spring, summer and fall.

The length of each swim quarter varies between 10 – 15 weeks.


  • Preschool Levels (PSP, PS1 – AP2) – 2:1
  • Beginner Levels (B1 – BR) – 2:1
  • Intermediate & Int. Advanced Levels – 3:1
  • Advanced & Stroke Training Levels – 3:1
  • Advanced Young Adult & Adult Levels – 3:1
  • AQUAbabies Levels – 4:1
  • Elite Level – Number of swimmers based on space
Each swimmer needs a swimsuit and a towel. Children who are not potty trained are also required to wear a disposable swim diaper underneath a reusable swim diaper with a snug fit around the legs. If your child is under three, they must be accident free for at least six months before swimming without a double swim diaper. Swim diapers are available to purchase at each location.
A Deck Manager is the staff member who oversees classes on any given shift. They are a wonderful resource if you have questions about your child’s progress, and can serve as a liaison for your child’s teacher. Their main job is to ensure the safety and proper instruction for all students and to communicate swimmer progress with parents.
Double swim diapers are REQUIRED for all swimmers who are not potty trained. Please use a disposable swim diaper underneath a reusable swim diaper with a snug fit around the legs. If your child is under the age of 3, they must be accident free for at least six months before swimming without a double swim diaper. Swim diapers are available to purchase at each location.
Swim caps are not required, but they can improve your child’s swimming experience because long hair is heavy and can make swimming more difficult. If your child is working on breathing and head rotation, it can make it very difficult for them to take a breath. We recommend that you braid the hair or pull the hair back into a ponytail. We encourage all swimmers to learn water comfort without goggles first. As your child becomes a more avid swimmer, goggles can be helpful. If you decide to use goggles, have your child try them on before coming to class, and make sure they fit your child’s face snugly and comfortably. It’s also a good idea to write your child’s name on the goggles in permanent marker.
No, we do not recommend the use of water wings or flotation suits since they give parents and new swimmers a false sense of security. Our facilities are carefully designed for safe instruction, and our lessons are structured to teach your child to swim without any artificial aids. We do not believe that there is such a thing as “Drown-proofing.” We teach students safety skills and how to love and respect the water. Children should NEVER swim unsupervised no matter what level of instruction they have achieved. No one (even an adult) is ever completely safe from drowning.
Just like any other exercise, you wouldn’t want to feed your child a large meal just before getting into the water. It’s fine to have a small meal or snack before class as long as they have had at least 20 minutes to digest. AQUAbabies (children under three years) should avoid eating within an hour of each lesson.
  • Cancellation for a refund prior to the first day of the quarter will be given within 48 hours of your purchase minus a $25 cancellation fee. After 48 hours, ASA credit will be given minus a $25 cancellation fee.
  • After the quarter begins there is a $25 cancellation fee and the remaining balance will be given in the form of ASA credit.
  • ASA credit can be used for future swim lessons and expires after 1 year
  • ASA credit does not expire for those enrolled in the spring quarter 2020 and December 7, 2020 – January 3, 2021, all other ASA credits expire after 1 year from the time of issuance
  • A refund will not be given in exchange for ASA Credit, however, ASA Credit may be transferred to another Member
We allow a one-time transfer per quarter if space is available after the quarter begins. If the need arises, please contact a Member Service Representative for availability.
Absolutely! And we will do everything possible to fulfill your request, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee placement with a specific instructor. All American Swim Academy instructors are safety-certified and trained to our standards to ensure quality and consistency in every class. If your child gets placed with a different instructor, all we ask is that you try it out. If after a couple of lessons you still want to switch, please contact us and we will do our best to find a spot that works with an instructor that better fits your needs. Instructors are subject to change at anytime.

When you enroll for a class, you are reserving a specific day and time each week, and we have a qualified instructor waiting there for you. We ask that you do your best to attend every class. However, we understand that children get sick and emergencies happen; therefore, we offer make up classes. Our make ups are actual classes taught by an instructor, not just free swim time. Therefore, in order to maintain the integrity of our classes, we can only offer a make up when we have space in our schedule to accommodate your child’s level. We do not guarantee the availability of make ups. Additionally, in fairness to all members, we allow a maximum of 2 make up requests per swimmer, per quarter. To be eligible for a MU, mark your swimmer absent online in the Member Portal as soon as possible, at least 2 hours prior to your class. 

If a MU class is not available or you cannot find a MU class that works for your schedule, it is just a missed class. MU classes must be completed during the quarter and do not carry over.Due to limited availability, Water Adaptation and Self-Determination Program (SDP) MU classes are not available if a 1:1 class is needed.

  • Log in to the Member Portal to mark your swimmer absent at least 2 hours prior to the class you will be missing
  • Book your MU ONLINE ONLY (via the Member Portal) the same day or 1 day prior to when you want to take your MU
  • If you change your mind, you can unmark yourself absent (if your space is still available)
  • Schedule your MU early in the quarter
  • MUs are based on availability
  • Private Class Swimmers may schedule a MU in a group class
  • Due to the limited number of Water Adaptation classes, MUs are not available
  • Credit or refunds will not be issued for missed MU classes
  • If a MU class is not available or you cannot find a MU class that works for your schedule, it is just a missed class. MU classes must be completed during the quarter, and do not carry over.

Please visit our Policies section for more information.

American Swim Academy is closed on most major holidays, and our swim quarters are planned with holidays in mind. Classes are not held on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, after 5:20pm on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Class fees are prorated for holidays.

It’s very common for a child to cry or be afraid when starting something new. Our teachers are trained to deal with the most fearful of students, and our deck managers are always on hand to assist if necessary. We use simple distraction techniques — toys, songs and games — to help calm and reassure them, and we will never dunk a new swimmer under the water. A child may cry for several weeks in a row, but be patient. Consistency and praise are key in your child’s progress. If you need help getting your child into the pool, please ask our staff for assistance and be sure to let us know any information that will help us get to know your child better (favorite toys, special songs, heroes, etc). We will gladly get your child in the water and swimming happily in no time!

Please keep your child at home, and do not attend class if your child is sick or has flu-like symptoms such as a fever, vomiting or has stomach or digestion problems, you should not bring them to class. 

No. Classes tend to progress together, so unless your teacher or Deck Manager informs you otherwise, you won’t need to change classes. All teachers are capable of teaching multi-level classes so even if your child is progressing at a faster or slower pace than the other swimmers, you can still keep your same day and time. The Deck Manager or teacher will inform you if they feel your child would benefit from another class level.
Our schedule is set up for the convenience of busy families. You can attend as little as one class per week or as many as seven. Consistency and repetition is the key to success; therefore, the more classes per week you can attend the faster your swimmer will learn… especially beginning swimmers. Once your child is comfortable in the water and learns the fundamentals, once or twice a week is acceptable.

No, we don’t have an organized team; however, we do offer Elite Swim Program classes that are recommended for exercise and swim team preparation. Swimmers are introduced to speed work, endurance training, and stroke drills used at the swim team level. These drills are used to continually improve your stroke technique and efficiency in the water.

Elite classes are designed as a transition from lessons to competitive swimming or as support in conjunction with team training. This is the class for summer league swimmers who are looking to improve swimming technique.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal answer to this question. There are many factors that play into learning to swim and it also depends on your definition of “swimming.” Most of our swimmers continue with us until they become members of our Elite Swim Program, but some parents just want their children to know the basics. Every child learns at their own, individual pace so it’s impossible to determine how long it will take. It is important for parents to have realistic expectations for their children. Please avoid comparing your child to others. Positive reinforcement and consistency is vital for your child’s success. Regardless of what the final goal may be, we feel it’s important that the child learns to have a love and respect of the water.

Absolutely! We are proud of your swimmers, and you should be too! Feel free to take as many photos as you’d like and if you capture one you really love, be sure to post it on your favorite social media page! #AmericanSwimAcademy