Health and Safety

At American Swim Academy, setting the highest standards of health and safety is our top priority.

We make every effort to keep our facilities safe, clean and comfortable for our members and staff. The following safety measures are implemented to maintain a healthy environment for all swimmers.


The pool filter plays a critical role in maintaining safe and healthy water. American Swim Academy has selected the Defender Series of pool filters manufactured by Neptune Benson. USA Swimming has chosen the Defender Series as the filter of choice for their 2004, 2008, 2012 US Olympic Trials. A world leader in filtration systems, the Defender removes particles down to 1 micron.

With the growing concerns with waterborne illnesses such as Cryptosporidiosis, the smaller particle removal the better. The Defender is highly effective on pools with heavy bather loads because of the increased filter area.

ETS-UV™ disinfection systems improve air quality, allow for a reduction of chemicals usage, and eliminate the need for shock treatments. As a result, there is less corrosion of surfaces and pool equipment and a reduced threat of pool closures.


Circulation of the pool water and turnover rate offers another critical safety layer in reducing chlorine. Turnover rate is the terminology used to describe how quickly 100% of the pool water will flow through the filtration system. The California health code requires a 6 hour turnover rate.

At ASA, our turnover rate is in compliance with the State code. Our plumbing system and equipment can handle exceptionally high levels of turnover; 100% of our pool water flows through the filtration system.


Our full-time Maintenance Staff is CPO Certified and dedicated to monitoring and maintaining the pools and facilities 7 days a week.

All ASA Team Members are safety trained and Deck Managers actively oversee the classes to heighten the overall safety of our pools.