Swimming Lessons for Kids is a Game Changer!

Swimming is a great form of exercise and a necessary skill set. Learning to swim is something that infants can do, older adults can do, and, anyone at any age can learn. Swim lessons are the best way to learn water safety.


Weekly swim lessons are the perfect way to get the kids involved in something that is fun and something that they will use the rest of their lives. You will allow them to learn a valuable skill.


Water Competency


Water competency is the ability to navigate a body of water safely. One of the key rules of enjoying the water is to “not panic”. A child that has been taught water competency skills, is a child that is confident around water.


According to the American Red Cross water competency includes 5 skills, that can be taught with swim lessons for beginners:

  • The ability to step or jump into water that is over the person’s head
  • Be able to return up to the surface and tread water for 1 minute
  • Turn around in a circle to locate the exit
  • Be able to swim 25 yards to an exit place, and exit the water

These five skills can help a person to manage water play safely. The right instructor will make learning these competencies fun through the use of water games and focused lessons.

The Benefits of Swimming


Swimming for all ages is a great sport. It is a low impact sport that is gentle on the joints but that delivers a great cardio workout. It builds endurance, tones muscles, and builds strength. Of course, kids do not think about those benefits, they just know it is a fun way to spend some time!


Enrolling your kids in swim lessons is a great way to ensure that they will enjoy a lifetime of water safety and keep their bodies fit. It helps them to learn that the water is not a place they have to fear, it is simply a place they should respect.


There are so many benefits to enrolling your child in swim lessons. Swimming can even help them to stay focused on other areas of life. Learn more about swim lessons for children and adults of all ages today!