Tips for Learning to Swim

Learning to swim can be one of the best experiences. A beginner program offers a gentle approach to learning to swim. Getting ready for swimming lessons can help to improve the experience. Whether it is baby swim classes or preschooler swim lessons getting your child ready for swim lessons can be simple.

Learning to swim is a great gift for your child. Following a few simple tips can help ensure that you and your child are ready for a great time. Learning to swim is a great bonding opportunity for you and your child. Follow these tips to get ready.

Tip # 1 Prepare Yourself

While the lessons may be for your child or infant, there is an element of you getting yourself prepared. Of course, it is natural to feel concerned about your child learning to swim, but you do not want to convey the message that you are nervous.

One of the best ways to get yourself prepared for the class is to trust the process and know that you are working with a certified instructor that specializes in teaching beginning swimmers including infants and children.

Tip # 2 Be Prepared

When you sign up for lessons be sure to ask what baby and you need for the class. For example, you may need a special “swimmer” type diapers for the baby. When you sign up you should get the information that you need as far as supplies go, if you do not, be sure to ask

Having all the supplies you need before you start will help to make sure you and baby can get out the door on time and feel confident about the upcoming lesson. Be sure to ask what supplies you need too if you are getting in the pool.

Tip # 3 Avoid Lessons During These Times

If your child has had immunizations in the last 24-48 hours and is seemingly uncomfortable near the injection site, this is not the best time to take the baby for swim lessons. If your child has a cold, just getting over an ear infection or has something going on with their stomach, skip the class and wait until they are feeling better.

You never want your child to associate swimming with not feeling good. Of course, your child’s good health always should come first.

Are You Ready?

Swim lessons are a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your child while they learn a wonderful skill that they will use for the rest of their life. Sadly about 38% of adults in the US can barely swim the length of a pool. Your child will be able to swim like a fish and be safe around the water.